25 april 2022

Bohlins Maskiner förvärvar Powerseif AB

Powerseif AB är ett välrenommerat företag inom transmissionsbranschen med ett stort etablerat nätverk. I och med förvärvet av Powerseif breddar Bohlins Maskiner sitt sortiment inom transmission och bromsar. Bohlins Maskiner kommer att erbjuda fler komponenter för kraftöverföring i fler prissegment för konkurrenskraftiga lösningar. Förvärvet sker omgående och Bohlins Maskiner erbjuder från och med 19:e april 2022 produkter tidigare saluförda av Powerseif AB.

Over the years, Powerseif AB has offered solutions for construction and production companies all over the world. Sales of transmission components and consulting to customers in the heavier industry segment such as steel mills, paper, railway and mining industries have been successful and created good customer relations.

Bohlins Maskiner grows with Powerseif acquisition

Brands such as Bibby Turboflex , Layrub Couplings, Wichita Clutch and Rathi are now in the Bohlins Maskiner range and are part of a wider offering. With standard components from reliable and proven suppliers that can be tailored in many ways to heavy industrial challenges. Cost-effective solutions without sacrificing quality open up uninterrupted power transmission for designers of industrial applications.

“With a wider offer in more price segments, the doors are opened to cost-effective and reliable solutions in power transmission. The quality of the components is decisive for the solutions. Therefore, it feels good to welcome the brands from Powerseif into Bohlins Maskiner’s range.”
Mikael Bohlin, CEO.

Bohlins Maskiner sees great potential in Powerseif AB’s product range. A range of brands that stand out for their quality, value for money and the ability to provide customers with tailor-made solutions. Powerseif offers a complete range of claw couplings, pin couplings, nylon sleeve couplings, gear couplings, steel lamellar couplings, steel spring couplings, rigid couplings and torque limiters. Bohlins Maskiner’s offer is now expanded with these standard couplings known for their optimized construction and operational performance. At the same time, Bohlins Maskiner offers tailor-made solutions for demanding challenges and the need for reliable shaft couplings, regardless of application or application.

About AB Bohlins Maskiner

AB Bohlins Maskiner was founded in 1937 by Erik Bohlin. Ever since its inception, Bohlins Maskiner has been a trading and agency company with transmission components and gluing equipment for the engineering, steel, paper, packaging and converting industries. Bohlins Maskiner has a long history of collaborating with its suppliers and customers to develop customized components and special equipment.


Here you will find all shaft couplings from Powerseif.